Tuesday, March 16, 2010

up the mountain we go

Prior to our getting pregnant with Dylan, the hubby and I loved to take spontaneous trips out-of-town. We will be sitting at home on a Saturday morning when the urge to get up and go will overtake us and we'll find ourselves a few hours away from Vancouver wandering the streets of some of the tourist spots.

With our little boy who 13 months old, it's a little harder to be 'spontaneous' parents but yesterday, the urge came back full force and a little after lunch, we left the house to pick-up the hubby's nephew on the way to visit the village in Whistler (where the Paralympics are currently being held). Though the weather was not at it's best (the rain was pouring in Whistler by the time we arrived), the skies finally cleared to give us a chance to sight-see and visit some of the local stores.

Dylan and his Kuya (term for older brother, cousin or friend) Jath all bundled up in the back seat of our tiny (but very reliable!) car. It was a two hour drive to Whistler and both boys were sound asleep on the way up and coming home.

Sea-to-Sky highway... the view is always breathtaking up here.

Want some fries?!?

Dylan saying "CHEESE!"

Jath, at 11 years old, is seriously the best babysitter I can ever ask for --- here he is showing the ropes to his younger cousin on how to properly enjoy the playzone at McDonalds.

A quick photo of the boys in front of McDonalds at Squamish. Don't be fooled by what they are wearing --- it's freezing up here!

Finally made it to Whistler! Stopping for photos --- not sure who these people were!

Checking out some paraphernalia inside the Olympic store.

More photo ops!

Darn right he's got the Right to Play!

Jath with his favourite Tito.

The baby boy cross-eyed from checking out how to drink our coffee! (No worries, it was an empty cup).

A quick family snapshot --- the hubby was taking a photo of Jath, of course.

Have you done anything spontaneous lately?


Megan said...

Clearly you have the cutest son in the world! Looked like you had a very fun time.

tiffany said...

elaine - i got your little something package in the mail and i loved it! will be writing you back soon ^_^


ps: you have the cutest baby ever!

Gracie said...

He's such a cutie! I really love your spontaneous trip. I think they are great and we need that sometimes. I love that picture of him looking cross eyed! It was so adorable! I just want to squeeze him (not too hard of course lol).

P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway and for your book suggestions :)

Kym said...

hey elaine! so glad you found my blog so i could find yours! haha! your little boy is just soooo cute, look at him cheeeeesin'! and him being cross eyed at the starbucks cup. haha! ;P and yes, it appears we live in the same city... the olympics were AMAZING. I got to see the opening of the paralympic games and that was amazing also. I just wish the city would be a little more excited about it! :(

Hmmm... what spontaneous thing have i done lately? usually, its just spontaneous eating out with my bf. we love food. haha! ;P

tinypaperheart said...

you have the most adorable family!! :)

jozen said...

lovely pics.. thanks for sharing.