Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 - The Reyes Celebrations

the holidays usually takes its toll on my little family.
as per the hubby's family tradition
(and because there are SO MANY kids in the family)
we tend to celebrate on christmas eve with them starting at 6.30 pm.
we have dinner and chats then we spend the next 3 hours
making an impressive show for the kids when it's time to open up their presents.

this year, we had a total of  seven families.
in between all of us, we have 13 children!
you can just imagine the amount of time when each kid takes their own turn
opening up their own present in front of all.
we changed up one thing this year though... each family had to have 2 games each.

you can bet that everyone was geared up playing hip, hip, hooray (a filipino gameshow game)
tongue twisters, paper dance and how well do you know your spouse!
we had a ton of fun, complete with prizes.

our little family on christmas eve

 lola (grandma) melot with kaelan

opening (or eating) the first gift of the night!

my favorite boys

the number of presents keep growing each year 

yay to matching outfits!  i just love them!

playing hip, hip, hooray... and that's my hand holding a stand-in-mic

ate aia with baby kaelan

lola melot & dylan

we finished celebrations a bit after midnight and headed home.
the boys were so hyped up after all the celebrations
that neither wanted to get to bed (and didn't do so until almost 2 am!)
so we had them open a present each to keep them entertained
(and not to mention that no one gave toys and dylan was itching
to get his hands on some toys!)

by the time the boys were in bed
they were both so pooped out they just crashed on our bed!
but it isn't over yet.

i will update tomorrow with my side of the family's christmas celebrations!!!

i hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY season this year!


Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

Time spent with family is time well spent! Happy New Year!