Thursday, December 8, 2011

on the eighth day of christmas...

dylan's pre-christmas activity for day 8
was to paint a christmas tree using his fingers!

that's his tree and my tree...
(yes, even this mommy couldn't resist finger painting!)

"yucky, mommy!  wash hands?"

his tree is all done!

it was supposed to be a "paint-your-tree" day only.
that was our main event.  
but then, the little bhubba found this unopened box of thomas & friends train set
that his godparents gave him for christmas last year....
so guess what this mom had to do?

the train, although it wasn't in my plans for today's activities
is a great prelude to tomorrow's christmas event!
i cannot wait!!!

1 comment:

Karina said...

Too cute for words :)

Your boys are growing up fast!

I am loving these Christmas posts :)

Check your email in facebook, I sent you an email :)

Lots of love to you beautiful!