Monday, June 30, 2008

breaking the news

when kady and i found out that a baby was on the way, we decided to wait until we were past our first trimester before we broke the news to our parents. not to be pessimistic about this pregnancy, but we just wanted to ensure that we were out of the "danger zone" before getting everyone excited at the thought of being grandparents, aunts, uncles, kuya's and so on....

least to say, that did not work.

in our excitement, we have shared the news to our family's last friday night as we visited them. now i guess, the ball got rolling and most of our extended family is aware that come sometime very early next year, the stork will be flying in to deliver a bouncing, healthy baby boy or girl on our doorstep.

on a side note to my little bee: hurry up and grow honey. everyone is getting impatient to meet you!

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fill'erup said...

you have no idea how happy i am for you both. congratulations! will be keeping myself posted through this kaya dapat updated ha! love you guys!