Thursday, June 26, 2008

hi baby,

i don't know how old you are in there... all i know is that by now, you would be forming your heart, lungs, brain and all the rest of the vital organs you will need to be able to live a healthy life. it also says on all the materials i've been reading that if we go for an ultrasound now, we would be hearing your heartbeat right up against mine.

right now though, you're giving your mom a painful time. i'm always exhausted and wanting to take naps. and throughout the day, the feeling of wanting to throw up constantly overtakes me. i'm an emotional wreck... i catch myself smiling at the thought of you then later on, i catch myself tearing up because of you.

but don't worry, i have wanted you for so long and i can't wait until you start growing in me and i feel you kick up against my sides. i also can't wait for the day that daddy and i get to hold you in my arms.

right now, your dad thinks i'm "not-so-pregnant" yet. so you better hurry up and grow so that he can have physical proof that i do have a little life growing inside me. then maybe we can have him run for ice cream and bubble tea in the middle of the night, fight with him just because, and one day, it will hit him that he will have a mini-him and i will see the panic take over his face and when you are born, i will see total awe and love pour out of him.

ok, i'm crying again.

enough with this emotional roller coaster...


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