Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the life to be

i have taken a number of pregnancy tests over the years and all of them have always shown up as one blue negative line. due to the irregularity of my monthly little friend, i have come to accept that each one of those tests will turn out as negative each and every time until such a day comes that we really, truly and seriously decide that a little bundle of joy is what we want in our life.

so after two months without the annoying visitor knocking on my door, a girlfriend who has been bugging me to take the test finally dug in her words enough for me to purchase one.

it was 3:40 pm when i peed on that stick.

and exactly 40 seconds later, a negative line popped.... and there goes another line that crossed it.


i got the ball rolling and went to a drop-in clinic within the next 30 minutes just to double check... after all, those home tests are not 100% accurate. and yet again, it was pee in a cup. and the doctor confirmed that WE ARE DEFINITELY PREGNANT.

i drove back to work with tears in my eyes, knowing that a tiny little one is going to be relying on me for the next nine months to ensure that i take care of him... and imagine, having to be responsible for another life to ensure that he gets the best of everything....

i can't wait to be a mom.

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