Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh no!

my state of excitement was totally tampered with by quite a few things when i realized that being pregnant is not-so-fun after all. for the past month, i have been experiencing symptoms of pregnancy but was not really able to pin-point exactly what i was feeling until yesterday of course, when it was confirmed that *baby bee* is on the way.

so exactly what was it that tampered with this high state of almost orgasmic pleasure at the thought of having a baby? here's my list:

1.) morning sickness --- lasting all throughout the day
2.) constipation --- seriously, need i say more?
3.) exhaustion
4.) wanting to take serious naps every couple of hours
5.) starvation. really, i just ate 40 minutees ago!

plus, let's not forget that i have to stay away from the following things:

1.) salmon
2.) tuna
3.) sushi
4.) caffeine
5.) pop
6.) junk food
7.) high heels!

can someone please get pregnant so you can sympathize with me and really mean it???

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