Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Day

It was such a hot day today that the hubby and I decided to take the little bibi to Stanley Park. On our way in, we made a detour to the Vancouver Aquarium where we not only spent the entire afternoon in, we actually ended up purchasing an annual membership in order to take Dylan in and out of there!

It was such a successful afternoon --- and uber fun too! Dylan is such a curious little boy and it was a great joy seeing how he thoroughly enjoyed looking at the fishies and the colours though he doesn't know what they are yet!

Here are some of my fave moments:

"Petting" the big fishie!

Having tons of fun with daddy in those sub-looking things

Yes, we took him to watch the 4D show and there was no crying from this little man! He was tuned-into the show!

Water break from the little man straight out of the bottle.

When you get a chance, you should make a beeline to the Vancouver Aquarium --- it`s such a great way to spend an afternoon feeling like a little kid again!

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