Friday, July 10, 2009

K-Drama Rocks!

One of the best things about being on mat leave for an entire year is that I am now able to catch up on all the Korean Drama that I've been missing out on in the last little while. Being the romantic sap that I am, it is only a given that I fall in love with silly high school/teenage settings where Girl A loves Boy A but Boy A loves Girl B and there's Boy B who wants to be with Girl A and in a matter of 16 to 25 episodes, the story unfolds until Girl A, as destined to be from the beggining, is finally with Boy A.

Sounds complicated? Absolutely not! But I love all the challenges they face throughout the episodes and I love the quirks and twists there usually is in the plot... frankly, I just love how they make me cry.

For example, the current K-drama I'm hooked on is Boys Over Flowers. Girl A hates Boy A but he loves her... when they finally hook up, Boy A leaves to take over the family business and leaves her hanging while Boy B takes over. Though she was crazy about Boy B to begin with, she couldn't give up Boy A though now, Boy B is confessing how much he truly loves her.... seriously, this show is getting some major waterworks from this certain mommy!

Which reminds me... I better get off this blog. The hubby and the baby are asleep and it's time for this mommy to squeeze in a few episodes!

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