Friday, July 17, 2009

reunited, and it feels so good

For the first time in a little over three years, I've gotten in-touch with my high school best friend and found the time for us to meet today. It's been a long time coming and I have missed her so --- she was the one who taught me how to eat Kimchi noodles with chopsticks, dragged me break up with her boyfriend, became my sounding board and pretty much was the one person who I would gladly say, was the reason my High School years never became boring.

Friendship like that --- though we can never put back together, can also never be forgotten. It just feels so right to be able to sit with her, have her meet my son, and know that I still have that spark with her.

I hope it doesn't take us another three years to have a get-together.


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Anonymous said...

oh jo, your blog made me cry, it has been way too long, i know that i would have never survived high school if you weren't by my side.
talking to you yesturday, left like we never stop talking, after all these years...
I hope now, that we can start to reconnect and sit back relax and read ALL those crazy short stories you wrote about us! i still have them and can you believe it, i still read them and cherish them with all my heart.