Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and before we even get to halloween....

At 8 months pregnant last December, I went to a Torre and Tagus sale where I found the most perfect of Christmas trees and purchased it on the spot. Because Christmas wasn`t spent at our condo, we decided not to put up the tree and save it for this year.

Laugh if you would like, but I actually put up my tree last Sunday.

If you were in Manila, the Christmas season starts on September 1. And because I miss that feeling so much, my tree, though bare and needing some ornaments to light it up, is proudly up in my living room.

Now for the shopping part --- I just might leave it until after halloween. I`m thinking of a blue and silver theme for my beautiful white tree (just like the photo above).

I can`t wait for our very first Christmas as a family!

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