Friday, October 9, 2009

Playroom Bonanza!

Ok... the little man may not really be up and running as of yet --- but our 2nd bedroom which we've used for storage is finally UP and RUNNING..... we've sorted through all our boxes, cleaned-up the mess and shopped around for some items worthy of a playroom!

Some new and old toys, his definitely new Alphabet wall and a hanging organizer for his stuffies (barely seen on the right hand side).

Some more wall appliques that he gravitates to at all times!

And of course, we can't forget his puzzle playmat!

We also found the cutest toy box for him but as he is still at the crawling and pulling-up stage, we didn't bother purchasing it as we're afraid he might hurt himself with it. That, of course, is next on the list along with a couple of shelves for his books.

I now leave you with my hubby's 'mini-me' in his own pool of balls :)

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