Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 days to pack!

with a new baby on the way, the husband and i figured that we needed to move to a slightly bigger place on a more convenient location.  after i quit my job last year to be a stay-home mom, we moved back to my parent's home for a teeny bit to get our bearings together and figure out where best to move to.  after a couple of months looking around, we found a condo 30 minutes away from our family and instantly fell in love.

we toured four units in this building.  FOUR!!!  the first three landlords wanted us to take over their unit but we turned them down for different reasons.  the worse being that one of the landlords did not know what they were doing it all!  when we were just about to give up on this location, one last unit opened up and we decided to try our luck one more time --- it seems that 4 is our lucky number!

we secured a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 year old ground level suite with it's own patio.  right across the street is an elementary school with a program for non-school-aged children and a playground to die for.  we are blocks away from a waterpark, grocery, malls and there is a bus stop two minutes away from the house.  transportation is as easy as 1, 2, 3... (as we only have one car) so it will make it easy for me to get anywhere with two kids!

now, i only have 9 days to pack 2 years worth of toys, clothes and paraphernalia.  we closed the deal today and signed the one-year lease.  we also went out to purchase some much-needed items for the home... least to say, my budget is blown out the window but wow... WHAT A GREAT FEELING!!!  at least we were able to purchase the "must-have's" --- a couch, a mattress of the little man, bar stools, pillows and duvets.  next week we go for a kitchen shopping trip!

it's an exciting time for my little family.  we are moving on the 13th and i cannot wait!  best of all, the new place will be fully ready for when baby #2 arrives.  i truly am very excited for this upcoming move!!!

photos via weheartit

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Claudia said...

OMG! that photo is hilarious!!! So happy for you guys that you found a new place and thumbs up that you will have everything in place for when the new baby boy arrives! Don't carry heavy stuff around...let the men do it! lots of hugs your way!