Saturday, February 26, 2011

strong start

it's been too long dear friends since i've last grazed my blog.  with our recent move it feels like organizing the new place will never end!  to top that off, i have 7 more weeks until i hit my 37th week and baby #2 is bound to arrive anytime after.... i have a million things to take care of prior to said arrival!

but enough of that.  i have previously mentioned that the major perk of moving into our neighbourhood is the school across from our unit.  these last few weeks, i have been taking Dylan to their strong start program --- a program that runs for children below the age of 5 to be able to interact with other children in a school or preschool setting.  the only difference with this school is that parent participation is required.  

it's been a great program so far!  Dylan and i have started a new routine and usually make it to school by 9am and leave at 11:40.  he gets gym time, play time, art time, computer time, circle time... you name it.  and my little boy is thoroughly enjoying it! 

warning:  photos galore here!


Claudia said...

Good to hear from you my Dear! Dylan is so cute he just turn two right?? My son is 4 and will start kindergarten next year and never been in school before but has two older sisters to teach him things! lol! Stay in touch!

Karina said...

Oh you've been missed darling girl :)
I am swooning over Dylan's pictures he is the cutest!!

I am SO happy for you my dear girl, and so excited for your new adventures and baby #2.

I'm so happy you received the package!

Love you lots love!!

Karina said...

P.S. Dylan reminds me so much of a little baby boy named Apollo, they are so dear to us. When I post a pic about him I will let you know. They are from the Philippines :) He is always with Miguelito and they say they are little brothers :)