Thursday, March 3, 2011

it's just like winning the lottery!

back in January, Kary hosted a fabulous first giveaway that i was lucky enough to win!

I NEVER WIN ANYTHING... so imagine my surprise when her gorgeous miguelito pulled my name out of this beautiful red heart-shaped bin and later announced MY name!  i was in serious shock and had to repeat the video again and again just to make sure i was hearing the right thing.

about a week or so ago, the package arrived at my mom's address and i was able to pick it up from her just this weekend.  imagine my excitement at this beautifully wrapped package...

i was trying to be sooooo good and not rip the packaging but just couldn't help myself!  inside the box was first a card that i ripped through... kary, i just have to say I LOVE YOU!!!  :)  your letter was heartfelt and i loved it!

and finally, the goodies!!!

thank you kary, for giving me a chance to feel like a million bucks with my new fuzzy slippers, wallet, earrings and necklace!  i can't wait to have the opportunity to fancy my outfit with any of these items!!!


Micaela said...

two of my favorites!!! awesome :)

Claudia said...

Beautiful wrapping! congratulations again...I love what you've done to your blog! Happy Weekend xoxo

Kary said...

Awwwwwww!!! I LOVE YOU TOO darling girl!!!! I am SO happy you received the package and liked everything ;)

I've missed you in blog world, but know that you have been busy in a good way ;) Ah! and the new addition to your beautiful family is almost coming ;)

Love the new look to your blog sweet girl!

Thank you for the shout out and remember I'm always an email away ;)

Love you xoxo

Kisses to cutie pie Dylan!!

P.S. Ugh! It sucks to sprain your ankle, I'm tired of just sitting around, but yet so happy it's not fractured. It's happened to me before as well - I'm clumsy ;)