Saturday, March 12, 2011


i'm a 27 year old pregnant woman lusting after this gorgeous piece of specimen.


now that i got that out of the way, please forgive my teeny-boppiness for this post but i just can't get over a dream i had this morning.

let's just say that i was able to re-live Bella's view of of Breaking Dawn........ all the way up to the honeymoon scene with this mr-oh-so-drool-worthy-i-will-drop-my-panties-just-for-you-edward-cullen.  

seriously, all the downsides of pregnancy just went out the window when the biggest bonus is having a very... let me stress that,  VERY VIVID INTIMATE dream that feels much too real and gets your senses all messed up.  

i am going to have a very happy saturday :)  i hope yours is just as good!


Claudia said...

LOL! Very outloud!!!

Micaela said...

Don't you hate those dreams cos they seem SO REAL?! lol

man oh man, i've had many a fantasies about him and i can not wait til the new flick!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!

A. said...

Hahaha... you didn't tell me it was him you dreamt about!

Elaine said...

oh babe, this was an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DREAM. lol.

Aliza said...

hahaha. i think he is only hot when he's pale and sparkles. LMFAO. how ironic. but i am team jacob all the way. im sorry but when he came out with his ripped muscles... wow... replaying that scene right now in my mind .. just wow did you see his "v"... smokin hot... uuhhhh anyways... snapping back to reality... i dont mind being a cradle robber any day.