Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4


have you ever been stuck at chapters for hours holding at least 10 books in your hands trying to figure out what to buy?  that was me yesterday... i can never seem to leave that store without purchasing anything.

this time around, i was stuck at the parenting section for what seemed like hours while the hubby and little man browsed around the indigo kids section (browsed for toys and trains, that is!)

as my son is currently in his "totally awesome two's", i thought this might help me freshen up on some tips and tricks to handle certain T's (tears & tantrums!)

found these kumon activity books for toddlers!  i can't wait to delve into them with the little man so i went ahead and got him scissors and glue as well (and not to forget crayons!)

what have you purchased lately?

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Claudia said...

The latest I bought was some long sleeves pretty shirts at Kohls for my daughter...I bought a size larger for next year! 75 % clearance you just cannot pass that..I love clearance!!!...and i love Kohls!