Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2


it's always tough for me to get some sort of list together that has to describe "me"... but i'll try!

1.) My first name is actually Johanna but I go by my second name Elaine.  My parents did not know if they were having a boy or girl and were going through baby names and when my dad said "Johanna", I kicked quite hard so I technically chose my name.  They would have named me "Jon" if I turned out to be a boy (which is now my younger brother's first name!).  Elaine was derived from my grandfather... he was nicknamed "Elen" and my dad wanted to pay his respects to his father and gave me "Elaine".

2.) I was born with a mole on my right cheek.  If my mom's stories were correct, the mole was a perfect heart shape when I was young.  It grew over time and sorry to say that it is now a very ordinary beauty mark.  I've considered getting it taken out but am too scared of the procedure that I have opted not to anymore.

3.)  I met my husband through in the summer of 2002.  It's the much earlier version of myspace and all those social networking sites and we had a mutual friend acquaintance who introduced us.  I was not a fan of him at first (I really hated the gap between his two front teeth!) and shot him down before we even had a chance to have our 2nd date.  Through a series of serendipitous meetings, we actually became official in September of 2002.  That's 9 years this year!!!

4.)  I met the hubby when I was 18, got engaged at 19 and was married at 21.  The hubby is 2 years older than I am and he was not prepared to get married until he was 27... I told him there is no way I would wait that long and he suddenly popped the question!  We got married 16 months after he made me choose my ring.

5.) I have a beautiful little boy I love to brag about.  Baby #2 is on the way --- we only have a few weeks to go!

6.) I have a penchant for singing.  Throughout high school I was a part of our school choir, girls choir and jazz choir.  I was also a part of a four-person singing group that did small gigs both in and out of school.  Oh!  And of course I can`t miss being part of the church choir every Sunday.  Which leads me to fact 7 about me...

7.) I love Glee!

8.) I have moved houses nine times in the last 5 years.  Yes, I just love to move!  I`m quite the pro at it now (my best friend doesn`t think so, actually).

9.) I very rarely shop around town.  I actually cross the border and hit Ross to do my shopping!  I can go in there with $200 and come out with 6 dresses, 2 cardigans, 3 pairs of shoes and a few handbags.  No kidding.  I`m a bargain shopper!

10.) I lose my cell phone ALL the time.  There really isn`t a point to me having one because it is usually misplaced and I don`t normally find it until three to five days later.

11.) I am a wuss when it comes to needles.  I panic and hyperventilate when I go in for bloodwork.  I usually ask them to make sure to get a vein before poking me and beg the technicians to NEVER EVER fish for my vein or I will faint dead away.  Don`t ask me how I got through with an epidural... I think that came with a lot of tears on my end and a lot of distracting from the anesthesiologist.

12.) I am a caffeine and sushi addict.  Pregnancy has its downfalls and this is one as I can very rarely have both of my favourites!

13.) I cannot dance to save my life!  I think this is the reason that clubbing was never big in my vocabulary.  I can count the number of times I have been to a club since I turned 19.

14.) If you ask me to cross my eyes, I can do it extremely well!

15.) I have never been the self-conscious type.  Sure, I can shed a good 30+ lbs but I have always believed that God has given us our bodies for a reason and it is up to us to love it and respect it.  You will never find me complaining about my weight... I tend to embrace my extra-sexiness :)


Claudia said...

-No coffee for me!

-I met my husband in March of 1999 and got married in July of 1999. It will be 12 yrs this July!

-I don't have a lot of practice in the moving department...10 yrs in the same house...until we moved to Hemet almost 2 yrs ago.

-NO clubbing for me either, never did, never will...I do not dance except silly with my kids I am too self conscious!

I love your #15 I should learn from you and learn to love my extra sexiness! :) Much love my Dear!

Aliza said...

if you are having a hard time with coffee and sushi then I am going to die! and wow was it when you were 20 when you ran to my house cuz you and kady were having a fight? holy crap that was so long ago. hahaha

A. said...

I do think that you have become quite a pro at moving. :-)

Btw, I'll never forget the first time you introduced me to Ross!!