Thursday, March 10, 2011

little big boy... with his own room!

over the last few days, we have been busy purchasing and putting together some new items for my little man's room.  we finally bought him his "big boy bed" and also a few storage units for his toy collections.  on my list of upcoming "things to buy" is a book case, some shelving and maybe a few minimalistic decorations.

i'm so thankful for ikea as we are able to snag some great buys with his bed and storage!  i spent so much less than what i originally planned and cannot wait for the finished results.  i'm hoping we're done prior to baby #2's arrival... this is our special way of easing the little man into his new phase of life as "Kuya" (big brother).  

as it is, he is spending his very first night alone in his own room.  i'm kind of anxious about it as we have always kept him on our bed these last two years.  i'm sure i'll be wandering over to his bedroom sometime tonight and will be slipping in beside him for some shut-eye (this is the reason we bought him a twin bed instead of the originally planned toddler bed!).

on the topic of room decorations, i was browsing etsy yesterday and fell madly in love with some beautiful children's prints by TRAFALGAR SQUARE.  here are a few of my favourites...

i am seriously enthralled by all the prints in their shop and am planning on purchasing a few for my boy's room.  wouldn't that just be lovely?  i'm hoping to snag these four to begin with... and build from there.


Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

Oh how sweet prints! lovely for your boys room!

My kid is still in our bedroom, he's four and only God knows when the time will come for him to sleep in his own room. Sometimes I need to breath at night you know my son and my husband stuck to me at night like velcro!!! :( Have a nice weekend!

A. said...

Gorgeous images!! Can't wait to see the room when it's done. :-)