Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 days until the move!

it has been an extremely busy few days in our little household.  with the sorting, packing up, shopping and making necessary calls for the update in our address, i haven't even had a chance to catch up with all you lovelies!

i have almost forgotten how hard moving can be... almost.  

to give you a sense of our small and humble abode, below are a couple of photos from the previous tenants.  

kitchen/dining room

our patio (bottom floor)

i just love how small and cozy the place is!  i am not one to live in a big house because seriously, i would never be able to keep things neat and clean!  but a small two bedroom is perfect enough for me.  i can just imagine us spending much time outside in the patio for bbq's in the summer.  what i love even more is that right across from it is the playground in an elementary school!

once we have moved and settled in, i have a big surprise for my wonderful followers!  i can't wait to get things together for that --- hopefully very soon!


Megan said...

Oh it looks so sweet, the perfect family home.

Claudia said...

Ah your almost there my Dear!

Karina said...

Ahhhh!!! I LOVE your new casa!! And I can't wait until it has your decorations :)

I can imagine how exhausting this all must be, but your almost there darling just a few more days :)

Love you xoxo

P.S. I want to barbecue with you guys!