Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cruz!

last saturday, february 5th, my childhood best friend took on a new title and a different last name.

i wish i could have been there to share her special day like she was for mine.  we could've laughed non-stop for about five minutes over silly nothings --- all of it caught on camera.  we could've spent some time catching up as if the years spent apart barely existed.  i wish i was there to be able to help her but we are thousands of miles away from each other with continents separating us.  

nontheless, i wish her nothing but the best that marriage has to offer.  i wish her a lifetime of wedded bliss, children to fulfill their dreams and a blessed marriage.  


*photos taken from Cleober Sinues & Coj Cruz' facebook page*


Karina said...

Awwww!!! Congratulations to your friend :) Wishing her many years full of love and happiness :)

I'm doing better sweetie - hanging in there :) Miguelito helps me so much to be strong!

I am also a sappy romantic :)
And The Wedding Date is just one of my many favorite movies :)

Take care sweetie and kisses to Dylan and baby in belly!!


Claudia said...

Wedding bliss! I love it!!! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Micaela said...

her dress is beautiful!!! they look so happy, i love it :)

ps. Hope the move and the stress that i knowwww go with it is going well love! :)