Friday, May 27, 2011

a brother's love...

when kaelan was born, we were a little worried about dylan's role as a brother.
is he going to be jealous and want more of our attention?
is he going to throw tantrums and tell us that he dislikes having a new baby around?
would he harbor hard feelings now that he has to share his mommy and daddy?

it turns out that all our worries are for nothing
for dylan has fallen in love
fast and hard.
since day one.

at two and a bit, he is his brother's constant companion.
he climbs up our bed first thing in the morning to lay sleepily beside the baby.
he hugs and kisses him at all times and wants to carry him the way we do.
upon hearing kaelan's cry, he runs to him and kisses him immediately to make him feel 'better'.
he wants to help feed the baby, rock the baby, change the baby
and name any other thing we have to do with the baby and he wants that.

today, we took dylan out for a date to the theatre (his very first time!)
and when he realized that kaelan's car seat was not beside him in the car
he suddenly pipes up with "where's baby?  where's baby, mommy?!?"
and he asks the same question everytime he can't seem to find the baby.

we are so lucky to have such a loving first born.
he truly is God sent and his unconditional love for us has blossomed and extended
and that love has poured itself over to his little brother.


Claudia said...

That is so sweet of Dylan! I loved this post. Happy weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

Galen mo talaga elaine sa letter writting! Sabi ko sayo eh!