Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mama's day celebration

this year marks the 3rd time i am celebrating mother's day.
i couldn't have asked for a better gift than the early arrival of my baby boy, kaelan.
but i did receive my very first (of hopefully plenty more) hand-made card from my ltitle man, dylan.

ok, so technically, it was his teacher who made the cards...
but that is definitely his hand-print there which he worked on at school!

we celebrated Mother's Day by going to church in the morning.
i thanked God for all the blessings he has showered us with
and for the three precious boys in my life.  
we also met with my mom-in-law and sisters-in-law to give them our little appreciation gifts.

we then headed over to Kentizen for lunch with my mom and dad.
their buffet selection of japanese and chinese food was so drool-worthy
that i had a hard time trying to stop eating.

*my mom with dylan and my dad with kaelan*

because mother's day turned out to be a gorgeously warm day 
we wrapped up our afternoon with a stop at La Casa Gelato.
with 218 flavours to choose from, i opted for the safety of ferrero rocher and coffee flavour
while the little man had chocolate chip and the hubby...
well, he went for an extreme by trying the wasabi flavour (which, by the way, he says NEVER to order)
and some yummy toblerone flavoured ice cream.

*dylan after thoroughly enjoying his ice cream*

to top it off, here's my mom and i (along with our carbon-copy chins)
with my boys... the apple of both our eyes!


Claudia said...

Sounds like the perfect Mother's day! and those handmade cards by little one's...just the perfect gift!

Karina said...

Awwwwwww.... That is a perfect Mother's Day!! I love the picture with you and your mami and the apples of your eyes :)


I am so happy it was perfect and that you are doing great!!

Love you xoxo