Sunday, May 8, 2011

got to love those moms!

in celebration of mother's day
i decided to put to together little appreciation gifts
for some special women in our lives.

these little brown packages contains
my favourite tinted lip glosses and some scented soap
and i couldn't resist those gorgeous clip-on butterflies from michaels

these very pretty tins cans
also held some glossy lip balms packaged in very cute containers!
(i forgot to takea  photo of them)

i wanted to create a big post on our mother's day celebration
but alas, i am exhausted and with both my boys down for the evening
i too am craving to just crawl into bed.

so i am going to leave my mama's day post for tomorrow.
and wish all you mom's a very HAPPY MAMA'S DAY!
i hope you all had a great time celebrating this special time.
(but as all us mother's know, every day is extra special)


Claudia said...

Hope you had a great nap!...and mother's day!

Karina said...

Sweet!! I especially love the butterfly clip on!!

:) xoxo