Tuesday, May 3, 2011

cold turkey

my two year old loves his binky.
we have many names for this said item.
tebebe.  bebe.  the shut-up-fier.  "T".  tsup-tsup.
you name it, we've come up with all sorts of code names for it.

as the hubby is home for another five weeks
we figured that now is the best time to wean the little man off it.
so we (meaning I) read up on ways to decrease the use of the pacifier.
and we (meaning I again) set-up a game plan.

least to say, game plans did NOT work.
and we ended up having to resort to cold turkey.
and the little man cried his heart out the first night.
and the following morning, he cried himself silly for an hour.
and that evening at my mother's, he cried himself to the point of throwing up for half an hour.

and in the car on the way home, HE NEVER ASKED for his favorite bebe again.

*he still slips up from time to time, but that's a given... but boy is his progress amazing!

1 comment:

Claudia said...

awww...he will survive :(

I remember I was afraid to go out of the house without it when my daughter was a baby...I'd be the one crying!! Once it fell under the crib and was forgotten forever...

I love your names for it specially the shut-up-fier.