Saturday, February 20, 2010

his "daddy haircut"

when we were first discussing the concept of giving dylan his first haircut, the hubby and i were on opposite ends. i wanted my little man to shave all his baby hair off as supposedly, his hair will come back thicker and better and the hubby was opposed to it as he wanted dylan to only receive a trim. by the time we actually were at the salon, it was an entirely different matter...

let's fast forward to last wednesday at
The Hairloft:

dylan with a full head of hair waiting patiently for his turn for haircut!

trying to look for a chair --- more like a car to sit in!

we of course had to take home the first locke of hair that was cut off.

and so the buzzing begins (with the little man turned the opposite way!)

my little big boy sitting through his first "daddy haircut"

the first and only time he ever cried was 5 minutes into the cut. he screamed at us for 5 seconds and stopped when he saw diego on the tv screen in front of him.

voila! here are my twins :)


Micaela said...

oh my goodness!!! Look at your twins! haha TOOOOO CUTE!!!! just adorable! and i love that you kept a locke of hair :)

and i love your glasses.

You guys are the cutest little family.

jozen said...

i took zoe and pia there for their first hair cut too!