Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a spotlight on us

photo via Wunderphoto Search - posted by galeao

We arrived home tonight just in time to bundle up and head outside the house again to catch the Olympic Torch Relay happening just outside our house. Though it was bitterly cold this evening, kids and adults alike lined our street here on No. 1 Road in Richmond, BC to catch a glimpse of flame that has been passed on all over Canada.

I took snapshot after snapshot of the actual relay happening less than 20 feet away from me but with a little boy who was screaming and yelling along with the crowd (he was definitely excited to see all the police lights), it was difficult to get a great shot so forgive me on this one, but I will keep my blurry photos to myself.

I can't believe that the Olympics is going to be upon my corner of the world in less than two days! Such an exciting time to behold and I can't wait to attend a few celebrations with a certain little man.

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