Friday, February 26, 2010

olympic run, part deux

it seems that my singing of "rain, rain go away" has worked! no rain poured down this afternoon so the hubby and i were able to take the little man out to do a couple of olympic sight seeing.

because dylz is still a little under the weather, we took him to check out the most important things --- olympic flame and torch, followed by a walk around robson street (our MOST popular street in downtown vancouver) where the party was started due to a 2-0 win over the US on women's hockey. that's right, it's gold for the canadians on the ice!

but let's get to the important things first.... the photos!

at Coal Harbour overlooking the Olympic Rings

Checking out the outdoor cauldron

Dylan giving daddy a kiss!

Dylz and I posing by the torch (again!)

The hubby is insisting that Dylan starts training for hockey at 2 years old --- uhm, yeah right.

Oh so young and already being patriotic.

A decent family photo by a bobsled!

Finally -- a stop at Starbucks for some banana bread for the little man.

We are still hoping to make one last Olympic run before the spirit of the Olympics leave Vancouver. Weather permitting, we'll be able to do more things this weekend!


Caroline said...

So happy you stopped by Coeur de La... can't wait for you to participate in the mail scramble. Love love your sweet blog!! XO

Micaela said...

Elaine, you are just beautiful! I LOVE those glasses. When we get to meet, i'll wear mine so we can look like sisters! :)

and that furry hat Dylz is wearing? OMGOODNESS ADORABLE!!! i want one for Max just like it :)

seeing your two boys together is PRECIOUS!!!

the "O canada" bubble is priceless! i am glad you guys get to experience this once in a lifetime event.

ps. went to the post office today to send you off a little something! yay!!! they said 5-10 days so i'm hoping it's the later. ;) i'll email soon love. xoxo


Elaine Reyes said...

@caroline --- i am definitely looking forward to the mail scramble! can't wait for your email tomorrow :)

@micaela --- thank you for your lovely comments! would you believe it if i said that those glasses were the CHEAPEST that i could find when i purchased them?!? lol. nontheless, i loved them and still do!

and the hats on dylan? did you notice he had three different ones in one night?!? uhhh --- yes, his mom is a hat fanatic and thinks that he looks cute in all of them! the one you loved we actually got at the gap outlet in the states last year!