Monday, February 22, 2010

out and about

The last few days has been a blur of activity for my little family. We have been trying to squeeze in as much time for each other as possible as these days, the hubby and I never have the same days off anymore (yes, it's a small sacrifice we made to ensure that our little man is raised by us mainly).

So what have we been up to??? Here's a glimpse...

Hubby and baby at
Granville Island enjoying a beautiful sunny day (although it was chilly!)

The little man in his Olympic gear getting ready for his first haircut!

Yummy olives at the Public Market --- it really is too bad I can only down a seethroughgrassskirt (Smirnoff vodka, peach schnapps, Soho cranberry, and freshly squeezed OJ) these days, and even that is very rare!

A beautifully handcrafted wooden boat --- I would have loved to purchase for the the little boy but I'm afraid it will just end up in pieces. So maybe when he's a little older....

Ahhh --- a stop for lunch! Salmon fish and chips for the little man and I (yes, he loves salmon and loves fries even more!) and Halibut burger for the hubby.

Overlooking the Granville Bridge while having lunch.

Making a stop to visit Lola (and Lolo who is not in the photo) to drop off Dylan for some 'mommy & daddy' time.

After watching Canada win the first hockey game along with gosh knows how many people walking along Robson Street, we headed to Robson Square to catch a glimpse of th outdoor skating rink.

On our way to see the Olympic Flame, we had to stop to take a photo with the actual torch they used at the relays!

Which way, daddy???

The rotating/hanging Earth at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Ahhhhh --- finally, the Cauldron! We definitely are heading back this way with the little man as soon as he is feeling better!

The way to the cauldron (we were heading the opposite) is a sight to behold with massive amounts of people still pouring in from all over (this was at roughly 10:30pm on a Thursday night!)

I wish you were all here in Vancouver right now --- the atmosphere is really something to behold and it's such a beautiful way to re-discover a city that I already love.


Micaela said...

Elaine it is SOOO EXCITING that you guys get to experience this and i love that you are soaking it up!

ps. I just wrote you an email and OF COURSE i mentioned wanting to name a future daughter Lola after Grandmother in filipino. haha I LOVE that we share the same culture. xoxo

jozen said...

it was so much fun wasn't it? we HAD to go downtown and watch the men's gold medal game there.