Saturday, February 27, 2010

visiting Steveston Village

I have not been feeling well since yesterday but the hubby was insistent that we step out to get some fresh air.

So we hopped in the car this afternoon and drove 5 minutes to Steveston Village --- a small community by the wharf where streets are lined with all kinds of lovely stores and bistros and restaurants are found at every corner. It really is a beautiful place to visit --- especially in the summer time!

This beautiful set-up was at a brand new consignment store called COUTURE CONSIGNMENT. I loved this certain find --- when the hubby and I left (along with the baby, of course), he asked me if the items they were selling were new! Yes, they have amazing items in the store and carry authentic brand names for a good 80% off the price! A definite gem of an addition at Steveston Village!

This is still inside Couture Consignment... they had quite a selection of vintage books that I cannot wait to delve into!

I really wanted her --- not the mannequin, but the little doll in the orrange, silly (not sure what they are called so if you know, please pass the info along).

The weather turned gray so we took shelter from the rain for a few minutes and found....

... some yummy gellato! Cappuccino for me and Cookies and Cream for him! If like us, you are sick with a cold and sore throat, feel free to delve into these as they are heaven on your throats!

Then, on our way back to the car, I noticed this pretty little shop and went in
--- I loved it soooo much and wanted to purchase just about EVERYTHING in the store but ended up with one little item....

... and I gift-wrapped that one little item of mine for a special someone who is turning 26 this March 7th!!! This is the only sneak peek you get :)

How was your Saturday, lovlies?

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Micaela said...

when I visit, we'll def. have to go to stevenston village! is the little doll in orange a jewelry holder?

i think you would look great in that wig though ;)

i'm like your husband- cookies and cream is my fave!

i'm turning 26 on march 7th ;) Elaine you darling girl you. Awww this made me pretty excited lol THANK YOU thank you thank you in advance, because you know you didn't have to.

ps. are you and hubs going to watch some hockey?! let's promise to remain just as close as we are after the end of the game.. pinky promise? lol ;) jk. kisses! i'll email you tonight so you'll have it at work tomorrow :)