Thursday, January 13, 2011

15 weeks and 3 days to go...

... or so my baby countdown says.

I am ecstatic to be having another baby boy on the way.  I have always wanted to have a little boy that when Dylan was born, I was beyond the moon.  When we found out that we are being blessed with another boy, I could not help but be giddy about it.  Two little boys!  I am going to have a blast of a time with them.  I am already thinking of hockey and swimming lessons... kumon classes and the wonders of letting them explore this world.  

And then it hit me today... I will never have a little girl.

Someone to dress up like a live doll, curl her hair, play house with and giggle over silly girly things with.  Someone who will play dress-up in my closet or who will love pink and summery dresses and convince me to put nail polish on her at the age of five.  I will never be able to plan her debutante ball (a traditional 18th birthday party celebration for our culture) or be able to partake in the planning of her wedding.

I will never have that beautiful little girl who will wrap up her daddy, my hubby, in her tiny little fingers.

Don't get me wrong.  I will FOREVER LOVE my boys and will FOREVER BE THANKFUL for them.

But now..... now I am feeling the twinges of sadness that I just might not get that little girl as we have only ever planned for two.

on a side note:i think i will be working extra hard on convincing the hubby these next few years that Baby #3 should definitely be considered!  wouldn't it be just wonderful for my two boys to have a baby sister?

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Karina said...

Awwww a baby boy ;) Congratulations sweetie!!! Don't feel sad, you still have a few more years to try and see if you get your baby girl - I agree that we need our little princess and trust me your husband will also see that everybody knows that the boys belong to their mamas and the girls to their daddys ;) Our plan has been to have three children and it's funny because I told my husband if it's three boys get ready for the fourth because I want my little girl - lol!! Take care sweetie and enjoy! Lots of amor and hugs ;) xoxo