Sunday, January 30, 2011

a love letter to my little man

Dearest Dylan,

Exactly two years ago today at exactly 7:50pm, you came out in this world with a teeny cry... then they plopped you on my tummy all red, slimy and wrinkly and my first thought was... I'M IN LOVE.  That love has only strenghthened over time and I cannot believe that my baby boy is suddenly turning two now.  You've gone from this tiny little being who feeds like clockwork to an independent little boy with boundless energy.

You have grown so much in the last year.  It took you a long time to actually start walking --- you were almost 15 months when you decided to take those steps on your own but you compensated with your speech.  You are stringing along three to four words before you are even two!  You love "ipopops" (lolipops) and you've seen "ifafalls" (waterfalls) and you constantly ask mommy for "icicles" (popsicles) and you keep talking like there is no tomorrow.  You copy all the words that come out of our mouth and you know where to use the proper expressions.  You say "Oh No" when you see cars get into an accident on TV, you say (and do) "High Five" when you are enjoying some game and you say "Goo Job, Dy-an" when you know you've done something mommy and daddy are proud of.

In the last few months, you've learned to also run away from us.  You hate diaper changes and you hide under tables, chairs and whatever else you can find if you are doing #2.  You constantly make a mess but you do enjoy cleaning up sometimes.  You love being mommy's little helper and when I swiffer the floor, you want a go at it.  You take your own dirty diaper to it's own garbage and know how to operate it yourself.  You've learned to put on your own boots, mistake your shirts for your pants, try to put on your own socks and love wearing "bwiefs" (briefs) on top of your diaper.

For the last few months as well, you have been obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine... and any other trains you can get your hands on.  We now have a Thomas collection of toys, books, mega-blocks and all sorts of other goodies in the house.  You constantly ask to watch Thomas and can name most of the other characters in "Hero of the Rails".  You also love Chuggington, Caillou and Toopy & Binoo.  Those are on your list when you ask mommy to "watch tv".  But best of all, you just love to say "Dy-an iphone" when asking for daddy's iphone so you can watch your "dy-an vi-oes" (Dylan videos).  It still baffles me that prior to your 2nd birthday, you know how to operate daddy's phone to watch your videos, play racings games and operate youtube so you can watch your train models.

Earlier this year we've had some scares with you... I am now ever so worried when you get fevers (low or high) as I am terrified that you will have another seizure.  We've made a total of five ER trips already, two of them in an ambulance.  After the first trip, you suddenly became very attached to your blanket and we now rarely ever see you without.  Luckily, we have a few blankets and you've come to learn to love them all so I can always give you a fresh blanket to drag around.

You love dogs, especially Poomba.  You're so good that you know what to do after we've let him out for his run.  You give him his treats and you tell him to be quiet when he is barking incessantly.  You can copy animal sounds and also tell me what animals sounds like when I prompt you for them.  You can count from 1 to 10 with some guidance from mommy.  You love books and you have your picture books memorized by heart.  When you take a fall, I know when you're badly hurt as opposed to when you are being a drama queen.  You  have finally embraced brushing your teeth as long as I am asking you to open your mouth so we can look for Thomas in there.  You love baths but hate it when I wash the shampoo on your face.  But the cutest thing of all is when I wrap you in your bathrobe and you walk around the house looking all manly.  You always ask for your own cologne after we dress up because that's what you see daddy do all the time.

At night, you have memorized the prayer that we have taught you... adding your own little flair to it.  We can prompt you for the prayer which you start off and finish on your own with a little guidance from us.  You always thank Jesus for the day, for your family and you always ask for him to keep you safe, healthy and strong.  No matter how sleep you are, we can trust that you will quietly say your prayers every night.

It's wonderful to see you growing up and now that mommy is a stay-home mom, I can see all your progress and watch over you.  I love that you're growing up to be so independent but you also know how to come back to us and be a little boy.  Sometimes in the middle of a game or when you play, you will come running to me just so you can give me a kiss and run off again.  You love spontaneous hugs, kisses on your neck and I will never get over your cute little feet that I most love.  But you give amazing kisses, my love.  Always three... one for each cheek and one for the lips.  When you see daddy and I taking a down-time and just lying down cuddling, you always want to get in-between and join in.  You are growing up to be such an amazing little boy.

I can't believe how fast time is flying and that my tiny baby is now going to be a Kuya (big brother).  I am ever so thankful that prior to Baby Minix' (as you call baby #2) arrival, I am getting a chance to be at home with you so that we can transition you from having us all to yourself to sharing us with your little brother.  You are growing up so fast, my little bhubba.  And you are growing up so well and no other mommy can ever be as proud as I am right now.

I have so many wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers for your future but all those can wait a little while longer as I would rather cherish these days when you still ask for kisses and hugs, still wants to be cuddled from time-to-time and still asks to be carried.  For now, I only ask that you take your time growing up and not rush through your childhood.  There are so many wonders to behold and I would love to have you thoroughly enjoy and cherish each one as the years go by.



Claudia said...

This is such a sweet love letter to you son! Happy Birthday to him and may God bless you and your family!

Karina said...

Happy - Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy Dylan!!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!! May he be blessed with many more birthdays full of love, happiness and lots of health ;) and may your family always be blessed ;) You brought tears to my eyes my beautiful friend - this is the sweetest and most heartfelt post ever!!! Enjoy and queremos pastel - we want some cake ;) Whenever there is a birthday party we sing : Queremos pastel, pastel,pastel. Qeremos pastel,pastel,pastel.Aunque sea un pedacito pero queremos pastel ;) In english: We want some cake,cake,cake. We want some cake,cake,cake. Even if it's a little piece but we want some cake ;) Lots of love sweetie - take care and have a very happy Monday ;) xoxo