Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the late christmas post (in pictures)

i have been meaning to get onto this certain post for the last little while but everyone in  our household seems to have taken on the winter flu.  luckily, we are all recuperating so i am now only able to get back onto my new year's blogging today! 

and to think i had so much planned for this post!  but alas, i must prioritize and just get onto the pictures rather than the words.

my two favourite boys fooling around

 the little bhubba and i

trying on mommy's new runners and busy opening presents!

daddy helps out with the presents

 enjoying his most treasured gift of all....

 his very own Thomas & Friends train set!
he just ADORES this.

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas as well as new year!  (i slept through new year's... i know, it was sad... but i couldn't help it what with the little man and i sick and all....)

1 comment:

Karina said...

ADORABLE your baby is so cute!!!! He looks so happy it's wonderful to be able to feel the Christmas giddiness through our kids again :)
Love the family pictures!

Happy to hear you guys are feeling better. We also had the winter flu!