Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the wedding ring

months ago, i posted my love of my wedding ring on this certain post.

my little man has gotten into the habit of pulling off my wedding ring every chance he gets.  he loves taking it from me wearing it on his middle finger while showing it off and saying "pretty".  he normally places the ring back on one of my fingers and i normally keep a very watchful eye when he has it.

except a few weeks ago....... (before christmas to be exact).

i just wasn't paying enough attention to him.  or maybe i was reading something and didn't realize that he gave it back?  i'm not sure... but it has been weeks since i have seen and worn my wedding band.  

we have searched the house high and low... looked at every nook and cranny and we still have not found it.  i am not even sure if we can find it at this stage.  

i am utterly devastated.  the hubby said that i should we should get my original engagement ring and band resized so i can wear that but i am so attached to this one... after all, i have been wearing it for the five years we have been married.  he even suggested picking out a new ring for me... but my beautiful band is not replaceable.... not even with its imperfections, dents and most of all, the memories it carries from my five year union with the hubby.

i pray that i find my ring soon!


Simply Me said...

Awww ..I am soo sorry to hear that and I hope you find your precious ring soon !
Tk care

Karina said...

I know what you mean the sentimental value ;( I really hope you find your wedding ring real soon sweetie ;) xoxo