Monday, January 31, 2011

birthday cakes are half the fun!

i have so many exciting news to share with you all... news that came down on us all in one day... my little man's birthday!

but for now, i will leave you with a video of my little boy blowing out his BIG 2 CANDLE on his 2nd birthday bash! 


Megan said...

Happy bday to your big man :-)

Simply Me said...

Awww ..the video is sooo cute ..It was like almost celebrating his birthday in person ..almost if not for the cake :P
but here's wishing Dylan a very happy 2nd birthday ..lots of love and hugs to him ..

Karina said...

Awwww!!! I loved watching this video ;) Thank you so much for posting it ;) I got to see you Bonita and cutie pie of Dylan ;) Only bad thing now I want some of that Thomas cake and Miguelito freaked when he saw that cake " Thomas he has a Thomas cake where is that" lol!! Miguelito big time Thomas fan I also spent a fortune on Thomas trains - they are expensive ;(. But it looks like you had s blast and that is what counts!!! Oh I can't wait to hear the big news - yikes!!!! I'm so excited ;) Love you lots sweetie and cutie pie Dylan xoxo

Micaela said...

what a CUTIE!!! and how he's grown :)

i love that he was already trying to blow them out ;) ADORABLE!!!! i wish i was there-- that cake looks DELICIOUS and the party sounded just like mine when i was little ;) ha!

i miss you sweet girl! give him lots and lots of hugs from me xoxo