Sunday, June 5, 2011

family day: harrison hot springs

we had a wonderful saturday enjoying some much-needed family day out.
anyone with two very young children knows how difficult it is to step out of the house
it takes at us at least 3 hours to get everyone bathed, packed and ready to go!
we hit record time yesterday by getting out in two hours flat.

i was craving for IHOP but we would have to drive out of the way
so we headed over to white spot for some yummy breakfast.

pancakes for me and mushroom & egg omelet for the hubby

after stuffing ourselves full
we prepped for our hour or so drive over to harrison hot springs

harrison has to be one of my favourite places to visit
and prior to dylan's birth, the hubby and i drove down there at least twice every summer
we have spent a couple of overnighters in this small town
and have very fond memories there with friends

so while dylan and i enjoyed walking around...

basking in the sun... (and i am now sporting a red sunburnt nose)

and playing in the water...

the hubby and kaelan had to stay in the shade
as we are not yet allowed to put any sunscreen on the baby
(and let me tell you it was HOT yesterday!)

after a few hours of frolicking and playing
and just plain enjoying the beautiful summer weather
it was time for us to get our gear and head home
to catch game 2 of the stanley cup finals!
(which, btw, our Canucks won!!!!)

but of course
the hot sun and a quick trip out of town is not complete
without stopping for some yummy gelato!

i hope you lovies had a great saturday as well!


Micaela said...

oh man i wanna go there with you guys!!! :)

you look beautiful E! really, gorgeous photo of you and baby (look at your hair... love the length and waves!)

and hurray for the Canucks!!! i was wondering because when i caught a glimpse of the score yesterday, they were down by one so i'm glad to have read your post also to hear the win. i'm rooting for them for you and my friend erin and sarah.

big kisses!!! xoxo

Claudia said...

All I can say is yum breakfast! and again that is a nice place. I totally get you we're a family of five!!!