Thursday, June 16, 2011

potty training day #2

prior to starting potty training
i have read numerous books and talked to a number of moms
who can shed some light and knowledge
on how to make it an easy transition both for child and parents

i will be honest when i say that i was very nervous to start
i know how messy it will get and that 'accidents' are bound to happen.

as i've said previously, we are starting the little man slowly.
no diapers in the daytime unless he is down for a nap, bedtime or when we are out
i will then slowly transition him to no diapers at naptime, etc.

it's day #2.  
and the little man has successfully been peeing in the potty!
"need to pee, mommy!" is his usual opening line.
no bribery and no tricks.
i think he is just plain ready to use it!

*i hope he forgives me for posting this pic up when he's old enough to understand*


Claudia said...

yay! for potty training

...he will forgive you he is so cute just don't show it to his future girlfriends!

Simply Me said...

Haha ..Clau is right but it is such a cute picture I would def be tempted to still show it ;) ..
and I've missed reading you Elaine ..hope alls well with you .. have a super duper weekend !!

Tins said...

if dylan gets mad, tell him a photo like this is too cute and too adorable, this will work with the ladies! hahahaha!