Thursday, June 23, 2011

multitasker me

what is this mommy up to at 11:30pm???

cleaning the house (putting away mess)
baking muffins for dylan's last day of school
putting together a "thank you" present for dylan's teacher
sorting & folding laundry
actually still doing laundry (2 more loads!)
putting dylan to sleep
feeding kaelan so he can sleep
making coffee so i can stay up

what are you up to at 11:30pm???


Aliza said...

what else.... reading your blog!... actually its now 12:38am

Tins said...

11:30 PM is a very important time for me cause that's actually the time of day when I suddenly remember everything I needed to do for the day! I'd go through either a mental list or an actual list, tick everything I've already done, and do everything I was supposed to have done.

Baliw talaga!

Claudia said...

I was fast asleep! ah but I am an early bird...thanks for the votes the winners will be announced later today as soon as the kids wake up! xoxo my dear!