Sunday, June 12, 2011

a walk around the seawall

it was such a beautiful day yesterday
cloudy with bits of sun peeking out
and the wind was just perfect 

it was our type of day to take the kids out for a walk
and we ended up going to stanley park
where we walked the seawall from Second Beach to Siwash Rock

we could've gone for a longer walk if we were in gear
but i was in my flip flops and my feet can't really go much further
after all, i was pushing two kids along the way

we didn't have our camera as we normally would
and the hubby was too lazy to take photos 
so this is the only one we took for our walk

on a side note
we just got this new stroller and i am absolutely loving it!!!
i am envisioning tons of walks around parks, beaches and downtown
now that it's easy to tag the two tots without the hubby.

have a gorgeous sunday lovies!


Claudia said...

Hurray for your new stroller! very well needed!

***Elaine I have one of those !! (husbands I mean) I keep buying books and pretty paper and he does not understand either!

Hey in a couple of weeks I would love for you to visit my blog play along for a chance to win stationery. I will let you know when so you don't miss the chance...It's going to be fun or so I think! ;) Happy Sunday my Dear!

Tins said...

i'm glad you had a great sunday :) sundays are lazy days for me and coj...the chance to sleep in some more!