Friday, June 10, 2011

i can't wait......

..... but then, can you???

the teeny bopper in me is squealing it's head off over this new trailer.  
i cannot (and i stress CANNOT) wait to catch this movie 
even if it means going on a weekday morning 
to the Stars and Strollers movie times!!!

forgive the twi-hard fan in me, will you?


Karina said...

NOOOOOOOOO I can't wait!!! I wish it were coming out in the movie theater today!!!

I am SOOOOOOO freaking excited to see this movie!! I am a crazy twi-hard fan now and forever and A team Edward gal!!!!


We are both stressing out over wanting to see this movie - bleh!!

Tins said...

My sister Jens and my Mom are HUGE fans of the saga. Super funny, they even had their 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob'.

As for me...I'm not a big movie fan. In general. Hahaha...