Saturday, June 25, 2011

mommy's night out

a good friend of mine called a few days ago
her opening line was something close to this...
"uhm, what are you doing friday night?
are you like free for three or so hours...
can you leave the kids with kady and he won't mind?
coz i got tickets to the rihanna concert!!!"

uhhh, yeah.  like i was going to turn down THAT invitation?
not only do i get to hang out and bond
with one of the greatest mommies (and diaper cake designer!) that i know of
but i get to put make-up, jewelry and a bit of heels on!!!
(only mommies will know what i mean on this one)

neens and i rockin' the curly hair and pearly whites

least to say, these two momma's had a fantastic time
singing and dancing our hearts out
at a jam-packed rogers arena

so we left with sore throats, hurting feet and near-deaf ears
but it was a price worth paying for
to get a few hours of girl time...

i need more nights like this one!!!


Claudia said...

Good for you!!! you girls look sharp! and I totally understand what you are saying I put makeup and 2 in heels twice a year! lol!

Earl-Leigh said...

Squee! How exciting! I'm glad that you got to have a girl's night and dress up.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

HOW FUN!!! That is so awesome! I love Rihanna.