Wednesday, June 22, 2011


silly chubby feet
and not to mention very hairy legs
in pink flip-flops

have i mentioned this is not my feet?
it's actually the hubby's! (yes, you read that right!)

we went for a walk to the waterpark and he wore new shoes
and those shoes hurt his feet badly... very badly
so what did we do?  SWITCH!
(too bad i didn't get a picture of his big shoes on my feet!)

i love a man who can wear pink.
be it a shirt, tie or some very girly flip-flops!

on another random thought.....

have you ever played this game?
i have not hooted and hollered in laughter in a while over a game
(and i have a love of cranium!)
but pass the pig was a blast
especially if you are playing for some moolah!

and lastly.....

with summer upon us
rompers just might be my most favourite outfit for the season!
i have these two which i just happen to love
and which i happen to wear almost every time we step out of the house!
yes, they are that darned comfy and airy!
not to mention summery!

what are your randoms for today?

1 comment:

Aliza said...

lebaron hates me w/ rompers. he says it makes me look prego