Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4 @ BC Children's Hospital

our little man is a trooper.
he is doing so much better and both nurses and doctors
are very happy with his progress.
no more chills and fevers.
no more diarrhea.
no more projectile vomiting.

all smiles for the camera

we are to be kept an extra night and day
just to administer the last set of antibiotics 
via the IV tube.
afterwards, we will be released with oral antibiotic prescriptions.

daddy entertaining the little boy

his ultrasound turned out normal.
his blood culture tested negative for bacteria in his blood.
his urinalysis showed traces of e. coli so we are treating that.
we will have a follow-up in six weeks, then six months.

mommy burping a non-stop kicking little baby

our mr. tsubs is back to normal!
he is currently flirting with all his pretty nurses.

"how you doing?"


Tins said...

aw sweeetie..i'm glad our little kaelan is doing better! hugs blown your way, too!

Sherms said...

I am so glad to hear it! You guys must be so relieved. e.coli can be a nasty one so I'm glad the doctors have been able to treat him.
I bet he's the nurses fav. with such a cute face I can see why! xx

Claudia said...

It's great to hear he is on his way to recovery! Hospital stays are not fun! Hope you guys are home soon! xoxo

Vasu said...

SO so so cute, love the smile and the twinkling precious

pbm2011 said...

Glad to hear that the baby is alright! He is a precious boy! Congrats to you both!

pickyourfuture said...

He is precious and I'm so glad to hear that he's doing well!!