Monday, July 4, 2011

two thumbs up!

you got that right!
two thumbs way up high for this little man
who is now the king of his potty!!!

it took us all of four full days to potty train him.  
(remember this post and that?)
on the fourth day... we were jumping for joy already.
we were done!!! (for the meantime, that is.)

who knew that potty training would be like a walk in the park?
i sure didn't but i'm thankful nontheless!


Claudia said...

congratulations! that went well!!! :)

my mix and match game is on is you have time to stop by!

Jess said...

WOW. I've been working with my oldest for like four months now, and she still has not mastered pooping. She's great with the potty, except for that. She'll hold it until she's constipated. I'm so frustrated! :/
Congrats to your little man, though!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

wow! what a clever little boy he must be! :)

Tins said...

congrats, my inaanak! ninang tins is veeeeery proud of you!

Nequia said...

Congratulations! I'm not a mommy, but my little cousin is now potty trained too. My cousin said it took her the longest to get her to sit on the toilet seat, so we bought her a Dora seat to make it more fun!

Your son is so adorable!! :) I love your blog & how it's set up!

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