Friday, July 22, 2011

pages of my life

in the process of clearing out our storage room
i opened a long-forgotten box filled with some of my childhood memorabilia.
letters from friends in elementary, birthday cards,
high school photos, dried flowers from prom...
each one triggered a memory of days gone by
that brought an instant smile to my face.

inside this big box, i found a smaller box.
hidden in its recess were journals... my journals
counting back from my very first, given by my mama and papa
for my 11th birthday.

it started with `dear diary...` 
and for years i kept on writing...
from tears to triumphs
friendships formed and loves lost
from writing about my day to ranting about a horrid event
these pages formed so much of my life
that i am able to see such a transformation from a little girl
to a grown woman.

my last journal ended in 2002, the year i met my hubby (go figure)
and i did take a break from writing.  
so much so that it took me years to get back again.

but this time, i blogged.
i opened my very first blog with xanga back in 2004
(which is now closed with it`s pages archived)
and my love of writing has resurfaced.

this current blog of mine has been opened since 2009
but prior to that, i have had other entries as far back as 2007
that i have wholeheartedly integrated into this site.

i have been asked multiple times why i blogged.
and why i would want to share so many details of my life
to people who are unknown to me.

my answer is always the same.
i blog for myself --- not for my readers
(though all of you are the delicious cherries on top!)

i blog for the love of writing.
i blog because i have two beautiful little boys and a loving husband
and i want to be able to jot down simple moments
that i will forever treasure with them.
i blog because it`s a reaffirmation of the life i live
and that i am so thankful for each of the blessings that come my way.
i blog when i need to vent, when i need to cry, when i need to laugh and just because.

at the end of this year, this blog will be printed in journal format.
i will add it to my collection of diaries
but this time, with the sole purpose that my little boys
will pull it out from their bookshelf and read of my love for them.

because that is the exact purpose of my blog.
it`s an open love letter to my two most precious little loves.

*pictures via weheartit*


Claudia said...

Thanks for your sharing your beautiful blog and family with us your readers!

Tins said...

darling, you've always been a writer, and it's a gift you were always meant to share. Your words inspire, not just me, but also a maybe thousand others.

I miss you!

(And I'm sure you still kept the letters I sent you when we were in 5th and 6th grade!)

Sherms said...

That's so sweet, what a great idea to have your entries printed out. I used to keep journals when I was younger, I don't have them anymore though. I'm having to majorly downsize my life at present.

I'm all about blogging for me. You have to stay true to yourself, readers are just an added bonus. Or Cherries! xx