Saturday, July 9, 2011

ER trip

my teeny mr. tsubs is in the hospital.
we rushed him friday at five pm when out of the blue
a sudden onset of chills occured
and i found myself carrying a very feverish 2.5 month old.

we were in the ER with talks of catheter urine test,
blood work and lumbar puncture.
i insisted they do everything else but the lumbar puncture.
the doctor insisted we do it to rule out meningitis.
i insisted again to see the results of both blood work and urine test
prior to doing a lumbar puncture.
thank goodness i did for all doctors agress he no longer needs an LP.

mr. tsubs, it turns out, is fighting a bacterial infection (UTI).
he gave doctors in the ER quite a scare last night
when all of a sudden, he started convulsing for twenty minutes non-stop.
it was concluded that he was not having seizures, but has rigor instead
as he was quite alert during that time.
it doesn't make it less scary but i was heartbroken to see the him 
in so much pain (and i've had chills before so i know how it feels!).

luckily, the baby boy is responding well to medication.
we have been admitted to the children's kidney ward
and he is monitored around the clock
while his antibiotics are kicking in and doing their job
in helping his system fight off the infection.
it's been almost 24 hours since his last fever
and he is faring much better as per countless nurses,
 four resident doctors, two med students, 
two ER doctors and pediatrician.

we are just waiting for both blood and urine culture test result
to pinpoint exactly which bacteria he is fighting off
to tailor the antibiotics to his exact needs.
but aside from that, mr. tsubs is much more comfortable now
and i've had no more breakdowns as of last night.

as a parent who has made numerous trips to the ER previously
and who has seen firsthand what febrile seizures are like
you would think it would be easier for me
to stomach needles, blood and tests.
or to see a child shaking and convulsing repeatedly
or crying until their little voices are coarse 
or screaming at the top of their lungs
while crocodile tears are falling on their tiny faces.

it is NEVER easy.
let me repeat that.  IT IS NEVER EASY.
especially when it is your own child you have to watch
for you are helpless and feel worthless
and though you want to take away their pain
no amount of cursing and crying will do it.

so last night and today and for the remainder of our time here
(and most definitely for eternity)
i will do the best that i can
by cuddling, consoling and kissing my little boys.
and telling them how much mommy loves them
and how i will never leave them
and how will hold their hand every step of the way.

and for each and every night as always do
i will ask our Father to keep them safe, keep them healthy,
and to always keep them on the right path.
and i will also ask him to listen to me, never leave me,
and to hold my hand in each trial i will have to overcome
as i need him... his love and guidance
to help me be strong and wise and grounded
for my baby loves.


Anonymous said...

just stay strong Johanna... Just keep praying to HIM and ask for his guidance and help all the time... Remember HE is always good!!! I'll be praying for Kaelan fast recovery... Ate Jocely

Megan said...

Oh that would have been so scary - definitely never easy! Hope he recovers quickly.

Sherms said...

I'm sure it must have been horrible. When someone so young is sick you can't explain to them that they're gonna be okay and you're not going to leave them. And they can only tell you through crying and screaming, that something hurts and is wrong. I hope he makes a full recovery soon so that your family can be complete as home again xx

Claudia said...

Oh my sweet friend you and your family will be in my prayers!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

What a horrible ordeal :( How is he doing now? I can't even begin to imagine how frightening that must have been for you.

I hope he recovers quickly. You and your little one will be in my prayers.

x Jasmine