Tuesday, July 26, 2011

movies galore

for the first time in months (yes, months!)
i was finally able to get my act together
and catch a couple movies i've been dying to see.

i had a date with both my hubby and baby brother
to see the final chapter of Harry Potter

though i will not review the movie
i will just say that it was a bittersweet ending.
my brother was right-on when he said he was a tad sad
for it was like saying goodbye to his childhood
for he grew up in the Harry Potter era.

then on saturday
because the hubby felt cheated that i got to watch my movie
and he hasn't had his pick in ages
off we went to see transformers!

i'm a bit of a boy when it comes to movies.
i like them big, bad and all blown up!
i love fight scenes and guns (as much as i love romance!).
seeing transformers in 3D just made me appreciate it all the more.
i couldn't get over the graphic details of this movie.

it was a terrific weekend filled with movies.
which is so rare for us these days.
before we had kids, i think we watched everything in the theatre.
now it's a treat for us to be able to go at all!


Claudia said...

My Xavi will love that transformers movie! As for HP I only watched 1 & 2, Sophia was never interested she was too young I think but last week we check out from the library the Goblet of Fire and she liked it! So I think we gotta start at the beginning and rent them all now!

Glad to hear you had a nice time at the movies! xoxo

Claudia said...

totally understandable my dear! Dylan is way too young...the time will come!

Kristin Noelle said...

Great blog! I love Harry Potter haha

I found you on 20SB, hope you dont mind that I addeed you!

Please check out mine

Kristin Noelle

Sherms said...

Sounds good! I don't have any interest in seeing either of those movies though! The husband and I usually take turns in who picks the movie, otherwise he'd be stuck forever watching RomComs xx

A. said...

You're making me want to watch HP again.