Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the tale of the macarons

my bestest girlfriend, A. (who is 15 weeks pregnant with twins!)
has been having a LOT of cravings lately.
one of her more recent cravings was macarons
and her wonderful hubby, intent on only pleasing
his very pregnant wife
bought her a box of these yummy treats.

because these macarons are only available at certain places,
i haven't had an opportunity to grab them
until the hubby and i decided to take the kiddies
to the vancouver aquarium for a fun-filled afternoon.

on our way home
we quickly made a stop at the urban tea merchant
where dylan and i stepped out of the car
to grab some yummy delectable treats.

i made the little boy choose which macarons he wanted
where he proceeded to tell me which colors it was
that appealed to him most.

the macarons were YUMMY.
i loved the lemon one.
the little man loved the almond infused one.  

the husband on the other hand???
he posted this lovely photo of our macarons on his facebook page
along with the following description:

Bloody wife bought these bloody "Macarons"
that are just as big as a looney for $4 a BLOODY PIECE!!!!!!!!
 Talk about waste of money.
Geeezzz.... And she gets mad when I buy my video games?!

i had the best laugh in weeks when i read that!
it was also followed by this conversation thread that had me
hurling even more laughter at him.

least to say
my poor pregnant girl of a best friend
is in heaps of trouble from the hubby!
all because of some silly macarons!!!


Claudia said...

omg that description under the picture is hilarious!

Sherms said...

Lol! That's funny! They look real good, I love all the bright colours xx

A. said...

I love, love, love the almond-infused flavoured macaron! That's my most favourite of all. :-)

Hahahaha.. walang kumampi sa asawa mo. Lol. B also started laughing when he saw the comments, totoo naman daw na walang bagong video games for $28 'no.

Hope your hubby at least got a taste of those yummy treats.. (para naman nawala ng unti 'yung inis niya sa presyo... at sa akin Lol.)

Elaine said...

A --- i looked it up online and it looks like these are easy enough to make! i think one of these days, i'm going to try my hand at it :)

kudos to everyone for siding with me on this one! even his uncle did!!!! lol.

patay ka raw sa kanya when he sees you.

Simply Me said...

That facebook status had me laughing out loud ..really needed it today :D .. and I missed reading you, I've been away for ages it seems ..

Btw have I told you your boys are turning cuter every day ..I always enjoy coming here and looking at all the lovely pics you put ..hope alls well .. <3