Tuesday, July 5, 2011

grandparents are the best!

my parents came back home yesterday
after an extra long weekend trip south of the border
their first order of business?
visit their grandchildren, of course!

and they came bearing wonderful gifts.
not for their own daughter
but for the kiddies.

thanks mama/yoya and papa/yoyo!!!
for ALL THE CLOTHES for the two boys!
i no longer have to go shopping for their summer outfits now.
not when you've spent a bazillion moolahs on it!!!

grandparents are seriously the best!!!
wouldn't you agree?

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Jess said...

My mom is such a wonderful Nana to my girls. She's a great help, and is always buying them clothes, toys, etc. She is also a saving grace for Hubs and me, keeping the kids for us so we can go on a date occasionally!